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    I am so happy that you have found your way here!

    My name is Amy Kalbasz and I am the creator of The Little House on Clear Creek. This blog is about my photography journey. It began back in 2014 when I had this wonderful idea to create a blog. I didn't know what I wanted to blog about... I just new I wanted to blog. Of course, this whole process has changed immensely for me.

    When I began my journey, I wanted to share images of my home. Through natural progression, I took an interest in taking better photographs... which in turn led me on a photography journey.

    This blog is for me to share my growth and experiences that I have had along the way when it comes to my photography skills. This is my 2nd year to work on a Project 365, and I am totally hooked! By picking up my camera everyday I have learned so much! I also credit a lot of my photography journey to Click In Moms and all of my Instagram friends who have continued to encourage and support my growth. I definitely wouldn't be here without them!

    Take some time to browse my blog. You will see lots of growth and an ever-changing photography style. As each day passes, I get prouder and prouder of my images... yet I become much more critical of my work and continue to challenge myself and improve my skills and talents!

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