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About Amy

Hello Everyone! My name is Amy and I am the creator of this blog,
The Little House on Clear Creek!

I am a lover of FAMILY, FRIENDS, CREATIVE THINGS, SOCIAL MEDIA, JOURNALING, DESIGN, and most importantly PHOTOGRAPHY. I have lots of other LOVES as well, but I thought I would share with you my top 10!

1. My first LOVE is my husband. We fell in love at 16, we were high school sweet hearts, and have never looked back. I am so thankful to experience many “firsts” with him! It is a journey I love sharing with him every single day!

2. The 2nd most important people in my life that I LOVE are my two kids. I have a son, who will be embarking on his teenage years very soon, and a daughter who demands constant attention! Although motherhood is changing daily for me, it is truly one of the hardest jobs in the world. My biggest learning curve has been accepting the fact that they are not my “mini me”. They have their own thoughts, ideas, and interests. Thank goodness, they are each unique…otherwise the world would be a boring place!

3. I cannot forget to include my LOVE of dogs! I have an adorable Cocker Spaniel named Lovie. She is a true companion, in every sense of the word. Loyal and at my feet 24/7. She is simply the best!

4. I LOVE photography! I have always enjoyed taking photos… in fact, I have thousands of them!! I am always looking for the most perfect picture. It drives my family nuts at the extent I will go to achieve that most perfect photograph. Like all things, photography is an art, and I have so much more room for growth. But, all I really want to do with my photography is showcase things that are beautiful and special to me!

5. I LOVE eating out! We eat out WAY to much, because I hate cooking! I am a terrible cook! In fact, 90% of the time my kids won’t even eat what I cooked! I continue to keep trying… but still not much luck. I have come to the conclusion that it just isn’t my thing!

6. In addition to blogging, I work in a dental office. I LOVE my job, because I love helping people! I am way to personal and talk non stop! I guess in some senses it works for my job because I get to help people feel comfortable when they visit us~ not to many people like the dentist!

7. I LOVE Diet Coke! Its kind of strange… because most people drink lots of it, me on the other hand, I just crave a quick drink and then I’m good. I think its the cold fizz that I like. Once I have my single drink… I rarely finish the can! Crazy I know!

8. I LOVE to craft! Ever since I was a little girl I have always been creating things! I don’t consider myself to be creative, yet the wheels are always turning! Some things turn out great… and others only make it to the trash! But either way, I need a release for my creative ideas! I do wish I was so much more talented though…especially with sewing, don’t even get me started on how bad I am when it comes to sewing! But hey, at least I’m trying, that counts for something!

9. I LOVE old houses! Each home is unique. It has its own story inside of those walls. I often times wonder what that story is. If I could, I would live in a grand “old” house, but right now in my life… I choose to devote my time to my family!

10. I LOVE to travel! Although I have been many places, I still have on my bucket list lots more places I want to visit! I’m excited because as the kids gets older, we get to travel more. I want to literally show them the world. I want them to realize that there is a whole BIG world out there that they can conquer!


As I sit here writing these 10 I could go on and on… but I will spare you the details. I’m sure as you continue to read the blog regularly, you will see my other LOVES… because the list will continue to go on!

Please feel free to visit me REGULARLY… I enjoy the company! Don’t hesitate to comment on something you like! I always love hearing from my readers!  Thanks EVERYONE ツ !!

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